KARAOKE PLANETE72 French Karaoke

Multiplex (MPX)

Available formats: CD+G | DVD | Multiplex | NEO+G | Super CD+G | VCD | VCD NTSC


Any self-respecting karaoke machine has the MPX feature. With this function and a specially recorded MPX disc, listening to each song is possible with or without a voice guide.
This function does not remove the original voice of a regular record, it is an urban legend.
Example: Video CDs (VCD) sre in MPX

Other Option

Several CD + G albums have a standard karaoke track and a second MPX track.
Example : These CD+G RCA are in MPX and with 2 karaoke tracks for each song.

Tips and Tricks

Without the MPX function the listening of the instrumental version is done on the left channel and the sung version on the right channel.

Special note about karaoke: Choruses and sometimes melody are always recorded with music on quality karaoke soundtracks.