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Karaoke CD+G

Available formats: CD+G | DVD | Multiplex | NEO+G | Super CD+G | VCD | VCD NTSC

CD-G, CDG, CD G, CD Graphic, CD Graphics...

The professional CD+G stands for "Compact Disc + Graphics". This is the most widely used format for Karaoke music. The discs are identical to standard CDs (compact discs) yet have the additional graphics track that allows you to read the song lyrics on a connected TV or monitor. As the soundtrack plays on your karaoke player, the lyrics scroll across the TV in perfect sync with the music, allowing you to sing along to any song!

The sound of a CD+G Karaoke disc will also play in any standard CD, CD-ROM or DVD player around the world. To see the words of song on screen your player must read the CD+G or CD+Graphics format.


  1. CD+G Karaoke Machine
  2. Custom CD+G with DMX Karaoke, Easy Karaoke and Music Maestro
  3. French Karaoke CD+G
  4. Search Engine

Special note concerning the karaoke: The chorus and sometime the melody are present on professional karaoke soundtrack.


More and more new DVD players (not all) can also display lyrics on a CD+G, is sometimes indicated on the device, the original packaging or in the instruction manual.


Do not confuse CD+G and .cdg files

It is also possible to read the words of a CD+G with a computer, the sound will still work like a conventional audio CD. To view the lyrics of the CD+G with a computer's CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive must be recent. Thereafter it is enough to get a free popular software designed for this purpose.
Please note: We will inform you about our products and free service and we do not offer technical support on computers.

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Music CD+G is recorded in a studio with professional musicians . The tapes are top quality and designed primarily to karaoke and get hours of pleasure. Both laymen and professionals prefer the music of the CD+G for their realism and quality support. To complete the realism choirs are present if it should be like the original song. You'll never be alone on stage. Sometimes but rarely some songs may contain a melody, the melody is very useful for amateur singers karaoke. All these benefits and this quality can only be found on CD+G.

CD+G is the industry standard of karaoke and the #1 choice of professionals!