KARAOKE PLANETE502 CD+G en fran├žais

SCDG for karaoke

Available formats: CD+G | DVD | Multiplex | NEO+G | Super CD+G | VCD | VCD NTSC


Super CD+G is a 5 inches CD and have hundreds of CD+G karaoke songs in each single disc.

Super CD+G discs are convenient and economical for parties and rentals. Super CD+G discs will save you time and money.

Super CD+G discs are playable in DVD CDG karaoke players with SCDG trademark.

Super CD+G discs are compatible to PC with Windows (95, 98, ME, 2000, XP) and a DVD-ROM drive. Simply insert the disc, and play hundreds of karaoke songs right in your PC. All commercial SCD+G discs comes with PlaySCD+G player program that has powerful karaoke features.

Super CD+G discs now include INX 1 (also called INX), is a song search function added to the Super CD+G discs. It enables song search by title and by artist name for songs in the Super CD+G disc. A Super CD+G disc can hold hundreds of songs in a single disc and the search function is crucial to find the right song and often it will save the time to go through the song book. With INX function, just select between search by Title or by Singer, and type the initial letters to start the search for a song or for an artist.

Available Super CD+G.