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We offer music, services and equipment for tens of thousands of events here and around the globe. This is thanks to outstanding service, high-quality music and highly reliable equipment.To try us is to adopt us.

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Over the years we have distributed a large amount of $1, $5 and $20 gift certificates applicable on our karaoke. Now you can also apply them on all products and services available in the HEDONYX store. These gift certificates are undated, transferable and have a unique number.These better than money.

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Karaoke Planete® it is years of efforts to offer the best products and services to the international karaoke community. It's a success and we already serve over 46 000 satisfied customers around the planet.

Names and trade marks

To better identify its different products and services Karaoke Planete® uses several names and registered trade marks of which here are some:
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We have offered to you for several years the possibilities of buying online the best karaoke products.

The mission of Karaoke Planete®

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The music is recorded in studio with professional musicians. The soundtracks are top quality and designed primarily to do karaoke and get hours of fun. Both the fans and professionals love the karaoke music for its realism and accompanying quality.

To complete this realism choirs are present if required, as the original song. Sometimes, but rarely some songs may contain a melody, the melody is very useful for amateur singers of karaoke.

For the same title several versions are available, the following glossary will help you differentiate between versions.

[+]guide vocalRecording with the presence of the main voice and if there is a backing vocalists, this version is designed for learning to sing the song.
[-]back vocalRecording without choirs.
[female solo]For a single female voice.
[male solo]For a single male voice.
[singer solo]For a single singer.
[+]harmonyRecording with harmonies. Note that several titles include the melody without this being specified.
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Frequently Asked Questions


CD+G is the standard format for Karaoke to play... • See more

Computers and software

Please note that computers and software are not part of the list of product and no technical support on computers and software is available.


Prices and order are in Canadian dollars (currency converter: CAD).


The disc play in any normal DVD Player. The lyrics will appear on screen... • See more

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  • All prices quoted and invoiced are in Canadian dollars. Use the converter to find out the equivalent in another currency.
  • All prices, including shipping and quantity prices, are displayed in the cart after adding titles or products.
  • Whenever possible, prices are adjusted downwards.


  • We only sell quality products and through the years never sent a defective product.
  • Most of the products are tested before being shipped.
  • Before returning any product you most contact us, explain the problem and obtain a return authorisation number.


  • Options, deadlines and shipping costs are displayed in the shopping cart after entering a complete and valid address.
  • The details and conditions of delivery are written on your purchase order, a copy of which will be automatically sent to your email address.
  • For fast delivery at any time with a tracking number, we offer and recommend the Express option.

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  • If you have not received an answer to your previous request for a song, it is possible that the right holder's permission is not yet available.
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  • Priority is given to orders.


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Important information: Prices and order are in Canadian Dollars CAD (currency converter). Year and music style are an indication only. Picture, language, list of titles and spelling are as faithful as possible but could differed from the product. The songs offered are the highest quality available. These are professional re-creations and not renditions by the original artist.
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